Socializing and Sports after COVID-19 

Parents and their children nowadays face many challenges related to their children’s motivation, education, and development.  

There are a number of reasons why sports in early childhood improve one’s quality of life. It helps children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. Furthermore, it contributes to creating a healthy world, contributing to a better tomorrow.

In a world of digitalization and children being more and more in front of tablets, laptops, and phones, as well as children being in a lockdown and learning from home, outdoor and sports activities, are needed more than ever. 

As the world and communities begin to reopen and restrictions lift, children have the opportunities to go back to playdates, sports, dance classes, and all of the other activities that children typically get to do and hang out with their peers. 

Why socializing and sport is important for children?

Social and physical development influences all other areas of the children’s development.  Children need social and physical interaction to thrive and encourage healthy brain development. 

When kids socialize, sport, and hang out they learn:

  • how to interact with others 
  • empathy skills
  • How to work in a team
  • how to give and take
  • negotiation 
  • social norms

The above skills help encourage cognitive development and physical development. These areas of growth are all intertwined with each other. 

The weather is warming up soon but even now! Encourage your kids to go outside, enjoy some sunshine or build a snowman and stay active! All these things and outdoor games can help their mood improve. 

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