SCF – Scuola Centrale Formazione

SCF is a private no-profit organisation joining together 46 organisations managing about 100 VET centres distributed in 11 regions in the North, Centre and South of Italy. The Ministry of Labour recognizes SCF as a national training association, according to the Law n.40/87. SCF works primarily to offer a representative support and an effective coordinating action to all associates, with a specific interest on methodologies, innovationtraining of the trainers, and transfer of best practices.

Main activities of SCF can be divided into 3 areas:  1) INNOVATION – SCF’s role is to foster innovation among members, coordinate actions in the same sector, support exchange of practises; 2) EU FUNDED PROJECT – Since 2004 SCF took part, as promoter or partner, in 48 of EU projects of EU projects and 10 still running financed by EU different funds thus creating a network of partners in 27 countries; 3) MOBILITY – Since 2001, SCF has promoted foreign mobility within the Leonardo and Erasmus+ Program for 2,934 people, of which almost 2,096 young people in initial vocational training, 166 young graduates and 672 VET professionals, and for more than 600 VET learners, including the disabled, who benefitted from a mobility experience abroad under ESF or regional funds.  In 2015 SCF obtained the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter. In 2021 SCF obtained the Erasmus+ Accreditation in the fields of vocational education and training for 2021-27.

Since 2015 SCF has cooperated with CSI in the implementation of European projects in the fields of sport ( the promotion of well-being and a healthy lifestyle, involving trainers and learners of its associative network. 


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