EECEME Project: SCF’s Local Training

As of September 2022, Scuola Centrale Formazione members involved in the EECEME project have moved into the second step of Output 3, which is the implementation of local training courses to train more professionals working with children in the various early childhood education organizations participating in this project. This local training is a result of the outcomes that emerged and developed in the international training (Step 1, June 2022).

IREA Foundation’s Childhood Services Center ( and ECFOP’s St. Giuseppe Early Childhood School ( conducted 2 local trainings in their schools, involving 13 and 8 professionals, respectively.

IREA’s local training was coordinated by Katia Scabello, Childhood School coordinator, and Lorella Donno, Relational Psychomotorist. ECFOP’s training was conducted by Ivava Beretta and Sara Villa, Early Childhood School coordinators.

In conducting this local training, the SCF member organizations used a peer-education methodology, in the form of an intensive course, conducting several training sessions coordinated by experts from each organization (the same ones who participated in the international training) in the role of facilitators for their local colleagues (Early Childhood School Educators and teachers, child pedagogy experts).

“We used this time of sharing, to reflect on who the child is for us and the importance of the body as a tool for communication and learning (also in response to the covid emergency, the difficulties of families, the difficulties of schools) – says Lorella Donno – “IREA has created a relational psychomotricity course, strongly contaminated by the practices of the EECEME project, learned in relation to the testing phase that will cover all kindergarten children divided by age groups ranging from October to April/May in small groups of about 15 children. The staff involved in this local training were able to share strategies for ensuring that each teacher has a daily time for “motor games,” thus making the EECEME project a routine time that creates well-being

*Promoting movement and physical activity in children from an early age is the main goal of the EECEME (European Early Childhood Education Movement Experts) project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus program.

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