Transnational meeting within the frames of the European Early Childhood Movement Experts project

In Madrid, Spain in the period of October 20th and 21st, 2022, a transnational meeting took place within the framework of the European Movement of Experts in Early Childhood Development project, which is being implemented with the support of Erasmus plus programme.

Representatives of organizations and institutions from Centro Sportivo Italiano Rome (Italy); Scuola Centrale Formazione, Bologna (Italy); Iasis Amke Athens, Athens (Greece); Solidaridad Sin Fronteras, Madrid (Spain); Kreissportbund Rhein-Erft e.V. (Germany); BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung, Vienna (Austria) and LAG AGRO LEADER, (N. Macedonia) in the two days of the meeting, exchanged experiences from the conducted international training and local training for educators for children in early childhood that was held prior, as well as creating recommendations to relevant institutions and organizations for the promotion and improvement of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for proper growth and development of children.

At the meeting, representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of North Macedonia also took part in the meeting, contributing with their knowledge and experience in their field.

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