Local Training in Vienna

BEST is a vocational training provider that also hosts a kindergarten service for adult training participants and cooperates with other business entities.

We organized a local training on behalf of the EECEME project in Vienna, Austria in August 2022 for experts and future experts in working with children at kindergarten age.

Following an international training program that BEST training experts attended online in June, the local training was implemented in presence in one of the BEST premises. The participants learned about the existing EECME Training Manual suggesting activities related to cognitive, motoric, and emotional skills, and previous research results generated by the EECME partnership. They could also use children they work with the most appropriate activities from the manual.

When we asked them for feedback, replies showed that mobility tasks and activities to improve coordination targeting inclusive motoric skills were very appreciated. Based on the local training implementation phase, recommendations for the curriculum used by participants, are being elaborated.

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